Azoo Vegetable Shrimp Pie


AZOO Vegetables Shrimp Pie
Best for a variety of herbivorous plecos and herbivorous tropical fish

Meat/vegetable ratio at 3:7
100% All-natural protein from fresh meat, vegetables and seaweed
30% Natural spirulina + seaweeds
11% Sweet potato leaves + mulberry leaves
0% Additives, artificial colors or byproducts

100% naturally nutritious & formulated with spirulina and fresh veggies for superior palatability
Formulated with high content of wild sword prawns (up to 25%), with fresh-pick sweet potato leaves, mulberry leaves, natural spirulina, seaweed, garlic, plus a variety of carefully selected natural ingredients, it delivers superb palatability and full range of nutritional values for herbivorous plecos and tropical fish.

Volume: 330ml, 1150ml