Prodac Tropical Fish Flakes 50g



Compound food in flakes for all kind of tropical aquarium fish. The blend of different high quality ingredients makes this food essential for the healthy feeding of your tropical fish.


Cereals, fish and fish by-product, soja, yeast, crustaceans, algae, aloe vera 0,1%. EEC colouring matters.

Raw proteins 44,0%, raw fats 3,0%, raw fibre 0,5%, raw ashes 4,0%, moisture 7,0%. Vitamin A 25.700 UI/kg, Vitamin D3 3.500 UI/kg, Vitamin E 350 mg/kg, Vitamin C 100 mg/kg.

Not for human consuption. Store in a cool dry place. Produced 36 months before the expiring date.

How to use:

Twice or three times a day, only as much as fish will eat in a few minutes.