Oase Optimax Water Pump

The Oase submersible pump is a German engineered aquarium pump.

The compact design allows the pump to be easily disguised inside the aquarium and is mostly suited to assisting in the circulation of water or for operating integral filters. The pump is designed for underwater use.

The flow rate is easily adjusted using the blue slider below the pump inlet which allows for fine adjustment of the pump output. The pump can be secured to the sides or floor of the tank using the two suction cups provided.

Type: Optimax 300
  • Power: 5W
  • H.MAX: 0.6M
  • Flow: 300L/H
Type: Optimax 2000 (Adjustable)
  • Power: 31.5W
  • H.MAX: 2.4M
  • Flow: 2000L/H
Type: Optimax 3000 (Adjustable)
  • Power: 55W
  • H.MAX: 3M
  • Flow: 2800L/H
Type: Optimax 4000 (Adjustable)
  • Power: 80W
  • H.MAX: 3M
  • Flow: 4400L/H
Type: Optimax 5000 (Adjustable)
  • Power: 82W
  • H.MAX: 3M
  • Flow: 5000L/H