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Gex Slim Filter S Fish Tank Filter 鱼缸过滤器


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  • Power: 4.1W
  • Applicable aquarium: 25L aquarium water less
  • Dimensions: length 18 × 5 × maximum thickness 15.2 cm high, installation is very simple, find a place to hang, filled with water, electricity on it.
  • Each one containing live biological cotton and cotton filter


    • 功率:4.1W
    • 适用水族箱:25L
    • 水族箱少水
    • 尺寸:长18×5×最大厚度15.2厘米高,安装非常简单,找到一个可以悬挂的地方,装满水,电就可以了。每一个包含生物棉和滤棉