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EIHO Aqua Blue


Exterminate external parasites.
Treat ich, velvet, flukes

EIHO AQUA COPPER is a special formulation to combat against external parasites. It is effective against ich, flukes (Gyrodactylus, Dactylogyrus), anchor worms, velvet (Oodinium and Amyloodimium) and protozoan parasite (Chilodonella, Costia, Trichodina, Brooklynella).

Most fish carry a small amount of external parasites. When fish are stressed or environmental conditions are poor, these parasites can in turn flourish, and affect the fish. AQUA COPPER contains chelated copper which will provide fast treatment against these parasites.


• Fish can have opaque patches of slime on body

• Flicking and rubbing against object

• Rapid gills movement and appear restless

• Ocassionally stays near to surface of water

• Dusty appearance (mini spots all over body)

• Eyes can appear sunken

Available in: 250ml