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Biozym Algae Remover

  • High bacteria content, good stability, fast activation, rich in beneficial microorganisms such as nitrifying bacteria, denitrifying bacteria and PSB.
  • Decompose the residual bait in the water, purify the water, reduce the COD and BOD in the water; remove the odor from the water, keep the water clear and transparent; reduce the harmful components such as ammonia and nitrite in the water.
  • Rapidly activate and multiply in the water, quickly convert “new water” into “old water” and reduce the occurrence of “new cylinder syndrome”.
  • Improve the appetite and immunity of fish, which is to prevent the help and treatment of fish diseases. 
  • Prevent harmful algae and moss from breeding
  • Uses algae-decomposing enzyme technology to block photosynthesis so that algae can not grow and reproduce,
  • Achieve the purpose of clear and translucent water, no impact on fish
  • Use For: Freshwater and Saltwater use
  • Usage and Dosage: Per 100 liters of water add in 5-10 ml. A new cylinder or water change can be double dosage and the weekly maintenance is added once a week.


  • Weight: 350ml